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Russell Kunkle

Frank Parker IV

1995 - 1999

When Joe Blewett expressed a desire to concentrate more on performing on oboe, the band was fortunate to find a recent college graduate who was knowledgeable in contemporary music and jazz styles. A product of the Quakertown Community Schools, Parker widened the variety of musical styles and added many contemporary compositions to the band's library. Due to increased responsibility in the school system and needing to continue his education, Frank resigned in 1999. He continues his association with the organization as a woodwind substitute.

  Howard E. Shive

Joseph W. Blewett

1975 - 1995

Blewett joined the band in 1955. As a soloist and performer on the oboe, Joe continues to play in the band and other area organizations. He has had fifty years of continuous participation with the organization. As a band director in both Quakertown High School and Milford Junior High School, he taught many of the current members of the Quakertown Band. He led the organization through its centennial celebrations. Joe Blewett personifies the dedication and excellence for which the organization strives.

William C. Hillegass

Ralph R. Moyer

1951 - 1968

With twenty-five years of experience with the band on clarinet, Moyer assumed the role of director. Recordings made during his tenure can attest to the superior quality of the bands of this era. During this time, the "band hall" was purchased as the home of the Quakertown Band.

  Lewis Pfaff

P. Wilbert Haas

1968 - 1975

Haas had been a cornet player in the Quakertown band for twenty-five years when he became the director of the band. During these years, the band returned to the more traditional look and set-up for performance.

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