The Quakertown Band

Our Historic Past, The 50's to Today

In 1951 Ralph Moyer became conductor, a post he retained for 17 years. The band made several LP recordings under Moyer's direction. Throughout the years, the Moyer family has provided several members for the organization.

In 1954 the band purchased a building on North Hellertown Avenue, the former Pilgrim Holiness Church. This building is currently the home of the Quakertown Band.

In 1975, Joseph Blewett assumed the responsibilities as director and saw the band through their 100th Anniversary festivities. Joe is an important member of the executive board and still plays principal oboe in the band. Frank Parker IV assumed the directorship in 1996 upon Joe's retirement.

The current director is Richard Karschner, who recently retired from public education. A fan of the traditional band literature and of the heritage of Willow Grove Park (visit, the bandoften performs music of historic importance under his direction.

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